Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

It seems simple,3 Critical Diet Mistakes That Will Guarantee Weight-Loss Failure Articles doesn’t it? Start a good diet that you think you can stick with and then just abide by the rules. Then again, if it really was simple and easy in practice, wouldn’t far more people live healthy lifestyles as a standard?


The truth is, for many, diets come and go… You start a new diet but before you know it, the best intentions fall by the wayside and you’re back to your old eating habits and are no longer inspired about losing weight like you were when the diet was fresh and new. Chances are, your diet didn’t fail because you’re not a smart or dedicated person—it likely failed for one of the three reasons below.


Diet Mistake #1 – Too Much Too Fast


Sometimes when people start a new diet, especially if it’s one of those “fad” diets, they tend to have an overwhelming amount of new rules, new ideas, and new plans for getting the weight off. When reading about it and hearing the success stories, it seems easy to implement but in fact, it requires an entire lifestyle change—not just a simple change in eating habits. There is so much involved that the person becomes weary quickly and the diet fails. Conversely, even traditional low-calorie diets fail because people are too dramatic in their goals and instead of creating a diet plan that’s sustainable, it becomes more like a “crash diet” which as we all know, is not something that works either. Take it slow and easy; real long-term weight loss does not happen overnight.

Diet Mistake #2 – Excessive Deprivation Leads to Failure


Whether someone is looking to weight a lot of weight in a hurry or over time, the biggest mistake they can make is allowing for the feeling of deprivation to settle in. Unfortunately, many diets are all about restrictions and depravations of one kind or another, whether for the relative short-term or for many weeks at a time. These deprivation-based diets are almost guaranteed to fail for many people simply because they do not provide enough energy and are difficult to shift from diet plan to lifestyle change. When someone is deprived of a food that the body or mind craves, eventually, the need will outweigh the strength of conviction and failure can result. These “relapses” into forbidden foods are bad for the diet overall and lead into the next major dieting mistake

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