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Clear plastic containers have multiple display, storage, and organizational purposes in a variety of realms, and clear plastic containers with lids add an extra perk.Retail stores can use these kinds of fixtures to display merchandise as well as store items not ready for display and organize items meant to help the owners, managers, and associates do their jobs, while restaurants can use them to store, display, and keep fresh and safe from dust and debris food items that might not otherwise be entirely safe in traditional, lidless containers.Also like regular plastic containers, clear plastic containers with lids come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. Whether you manage a retail establishment or restaurant, below are three kinds of containers and bins with lids to help you store, organize, and display your merchandise.NOTE: If you plan to use any of these kinds of plastic containers with lids to display any kind of food product that isn’t wrapped, it’s best to pair them with other display accessories like aluminum or plastic scoops or tongs. Scoops and tongs help customers retrieve the amount of food product they want without touching and possibly contaminating any of the rest of it.Plastic Canisters With LidsPlastic canisters with lids are nearly identical to glass or ceramic canisters with lids, as far as overall style and function is concerned, but they add an extra perk: they’re plastic, which means they’re less likely to break if they’re dropped or bumped into and, if they do happen to crack or break, the plastic pieces are less like to harm your customers or employees.Plastic canisters with lids work well in both traditional retail settings and restaurant or specialty food shops like bakeries, yogurt shops, and ice cream parlors. You can use these containers to display small convenience items like lighters or children’s toys like bouncy balls, or edible items like unwrapped candy, gumballs, or sprinkles for deserts.Plastic “Fish Bowls” With LidsPlastic fish bowls with lids offer store managers, owners, and customers the same excellent display fixture option with an added kick – lids!With plastic fish bowls with lids, you can store, organize, and display everything you can with regular fish bowls, but you can also store, organize, and display items that need protection from “sticky fingers” or dust and debris. These containers are great display fixtures for small kinds of merchandise like hobby and craft items (think beads and other baubles) as well as unwrapped food products (think unwrapped candy and gumballs).Plastic Bins With LidsThink of plastic bins with lids as larger, horizontal, and sometimes stackable versions of plastic canisters with lids. The size of these bins help them work extremely well for storing and displaying loose and unwrapped food products like pretzels, trail mix, peanuts and other nuts, unwrapped candy, and sprinkles for ice cream and yogurt. The lids take the benefits of these bins a step further by helping keep the food products fresh and safe from dust and other debris.

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