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The Australian Standards for Pools and Spas outlines what should be checked during a pool safety inspection in Sydney, it includes the water chemistry, cleanliness of the area, safety features in the surrounding area as well as any repairs that need to be made. A certified inspector will also check for leaking pipes, draining problems or other damage from storms or accidents.

What is a pool inspection and why do you need one?

A pool inspection is generally conducted by certified inspectors who check the equipment and safety features. Such an inspection is important because it ensures safety features are in place and working properly around your swimming area like fencing & gates (if applicable) and equipment such as pumps, ladders, filtration equipment, covers, etc. are in good working order and safe to use.

When should I get a pool inspection?

In Australia, pool inspections are required regularly in order to get a certificate of conformity stating that your pool is up to certain standards. This certificate of conformity needs to be obtained once every three years as well as after any repairs or renovations have been made to the swimming area and/or equipment. Inspections are also recommended if you notice anything unusual such as a leak, damage, odour etc.

Different types of inspections available to homeowners

There can be several different types of inspections in Australia, all depending on your specific circumstances and what you want to have checked. For example, a basic inspection will provide an overview of the general condition of your swimming area while a more thorough inspection would include checking for cracks or leaks as well as testing the water chemistry levels and ensuring there is no debris inside the water.

If you need to have your pool inspected for any reason, such as when you are selling a property or completing significant renovation work, it is highly recommended that you contact an independent inspector in order to ensure that there are no problems. Not only can this save money by preventing unexpected costs arising from faults found during inspections but also help you to keep your swimming area safe.

How much does an inspection cost?

The cost of a pool safety inspection in Sydney can vary depending on whether it is a commercial or residential property. If the area has recently been renovated you may have to pay more for an inspection as there could be additional checks required due to how much work has gone into updating the property. If you are unsure of what will need to be checked during your inspection, then simply ask your local independent inspector who can provide advice and help to ensure that everything runs smoothly at inspection time.

Safety tips for the homeowner before, during, and after an inspection

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Here are a few tips to be followed by pool owners and their families to ensure that safety is prioritised:

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