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A 14k gold necklace relates the owner of the necklace to the fabled past of gold. Gold necklaceshave greatly evolved over ages. From a status symbol to a fashion accessory, gold jewelry has a come a long way.

Having a 14k gold necklace is far better than having heavy gold jewelry that you dare not wear outside. The most popular 14k gold necklace comes in designs such as omega, brick omega, two tone Italian and gold, complemented with pearl.

14k Gold Necklace: Fabled Past

Unbelievable as it may sound, a 14k gold necklace has a fabled past. In ancient Egypt, the wealthy wore gold collars around their neck as a symbol of prosperity. Archeological evidence indicates that around 2500 BC, Mesopotamia produced its first gold necklace. Around 2000 BC, other precious gemstones were added to beautify the necklace.

The reign of Alexander the great revived the popularity of gold in Greece. Most gold necklaces of that era (480-300 B.C) had a three dimensional design to it. These hung from a row of flat decorative beads.

In Asia, particularly India, the noble classes continued the use of gold necklaces on a massive scale. These were huge in design and contained other precious colored gemstones and pearls. In the pre-Colombian Mexico, the Aztec nobility had unique gold necklaces which were designed in the form of animals.

With time, it became possible for the ordinary man to appreciate and buy precious gemstones and metals like gold. The use of gold necklaces were no longer monopolized by the royal classes but by the general public as it symbolized their state of economic betterment and expression of a suppressed desire.

14k Gold Necklace: Evolving Trends

A 14k gold necklace brings forth considerable creativity and innovation in terms of design. Take the instance of the pectoral design, which was very popular among the ancient Egyptians. Broad collar gold necklaces were also worn among both the sexes. Time and technology have transformed these elaborate designs into more chic ones. The contemporary 14k gold necklace is no longer chunky and heavy but more chic and stylish in design.

White gold has acquired dominance over yellow gold. This is because white gold gives the appearance of platinum, which is a most prized metal. To make the 14k gold necklace look slightly pink, metals like copper are mixed with gold. This gold, with a pinkish hue, is called ‘Rose Gold.’ Rose gold, along with white gold, forms a major section in the contemporary gold jewelry segment.

A 14k gold necklace is one piece of jewelry that will never be out of fashion. To find stunning designs and great deals on 14k gold necklace, visit

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