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As Medical science brings us closer to the fountain of youth staying younger longer through anti-aging spa treatments and state of the art plastic surgeons procedures has helped us achieve ageless skin and vibrant more robust bodies.Staying younger longer is an ever present reminder every time we open a magazine and look at social marketing through the media. Now it is possible to face our natural aging process with a brighter outlook armed with all of our ant-aging secrets and less dread of mortality

We are so lucky to have available to all us the best complex vitamins, also in the form of Antioxidants and nutritional supplements on the market today! We all are aware that eating right, exercising and including the right anti-aging supplements in our diet is an integral part to feeling good and giving our skin the important nutrients to look young, firm and ageless.

Important recommendations for Anti-aging Vitamins & Supplements:

Vitamin E repairs the skin and creates a smooth texture

Vitamin C aids in strengthening the skin and also in building collagen.

Vitamin K aids in diminishing unsightly spider veins, age spots, lines, blotchy-looking skin, and also discoloration of the face.

Vitamin D with a mix of Calcium and Magnesium gives a super one- two punch when it comes to aiding in strong bones and osteoporosis support

Selenium an important trace mineral found naturally in the body. Selenium can protect against the effects of free radicals that are produced during normal oxygen metabolism( breathing)

A word about Antioxidants and their effects on Aging

Antioxidants play a huge role in the prevention of aging and our overall health. Just a few years ago the average person could not tell you what an antioxidant was let alone what role it played in their health. Now, all natural and organic antioxidants are the new buzz word when we talk about aging, health and fitness. They are included in almost every product that we use and we are told to eat a “Rich in Antioxidant” diet, but do you really know what an antioxidant is and whats so great about them?

In short, Antioxidants are found naturally in the food that we eat. They can also be taken orally through a Vitamin and supplement complex, or taken individually for certain reasons to achieve different health effects and results for different aliments.. Antioxidants are responsible for helping our bodies fight off the “Free Radical” damage caused to our bodies cells. The everyday use of antioxidant supplementation and following a healthy diet rich in antioxidant foods will drastically cut down on the breakdown of healthy cells that fall prey to free radicals. This may results in DNA damage to our skin caused by the everyday elements and more importantly, preventing cancer, heart disease and other debilitating diseases that are associated with the natural aging process such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia

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