Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

Developing a positive mental attitude isn’t something that can be achieved in an instant because your thoughts are usually habitual, and habits take time to change. However, you can make an immediate start in learning to think in a more positive manner by applying the following principles:

#1 – Adopt A Positive Life Metaphor
We all have different metaphors to encapsulate how we perceive life to be. Some people describe life as being a test or trial. Others view it as a grind or, even worse, as a bitch. Whilst we are all free to hold our own opinions, none of these particular metaphors are tremendously empowering, and if you believe that life is a test, trial, grind or bitch then in truth that is what you will perceive it to be in your own experience.

Adopt a more positive life metaphor and you can immediately improve the way you perceive your life. View your life as a game and any problems your encounter will be perceived as challenges which you can overcome. Label your life a dream and you will find it easier to detach yourself from any negative emotions you might otherwise experience. Describe life as a party and you will usually increase the amount of fun you get from each day.

Changing the metaphor

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