Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

According to Freud ego is an important aspect of humanity. Over the years ego has become equated to one’s sense of self and more often related to one’s importance in the scheme of life. Most often it was assumed how to build and improve self worth was to build one’s importance. The more important you were, the greater your ego, and the higher your self worth.

In fact, for many who want to know how to build and improve self worth this is still the model that many use.

The problem with self importance is that one generally becomes addicted to it like an addict to a drug. Self importance leads to a strong ego and the need to continually prove one’s importance to self and others. In extreme, strong egos start wars and manipulate others for their own agenda. Strong egos thrive on the feeling of being greater than others, smarter than others, and superior to others.

They make hideous greedy monarchs that rule with an iron hand and destroy anyone who disagrees with them. But most with high egos don’t make it to become a monarch of a country. They become monarch to their companies, their families, their social organizations, and so on.

By admin