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There is a popular belief that everything can be bought for a price. This might be true where most things are concerned. However, it does not necessarily need to hold good for dating sites.



An Overview


As a regular user of dating sites, you are definitely aware of the fact that there are two kinds of dating sites. The ones that let you sign up free of charge and the ones that require you to pay a fee in order to use their services. Each one of these kinds has a loyal database of members. We are not here to draw up the difference between paid and free internet dating sites. Instead, we are here to examine which ones of these free internet dating sites is worth your time and whether you can actually find someone worthwhile on sites like these.

What Do You Mean By Free?


Let us find out. As a user of free internet dating sites, you would have stumbled upon many sites before you signed up with the ones that you currently use. You would have also noticed that while some of these sites claim to be free, they aren’t really. It’s true. There are many dating sites that seem to start as free sites but in actuality, the only thing that they don’t charge you for is to create a profile and to register. You will find that the moment you try to use any of their services, you have to pay! Yes, you forgot to read the fine print! The truth is that a good dating site that markets itself as a free one will never charge you a cent.


They Respect Privacy


The most important thing that you need to check on before signing up on free internet dating sites is their privacy policy. An authentic site will always have a privacy policy in place and will never abuse the privacy of their owners. The so-called free internet dating sites do not have a privacy agreement that you can view before you register. This allows them to use your information for their own reasons. It could be as simple as selling your contact information to a third party for money. Having told you this, you might wonder how they make their money if you are not paying them. It is actually very simple. These sites make money from the many ads that flash on your screen.


Inconsistency And No Customer Support


The fastest way to spot free internet dating sites that are a sham is to check their customer support system. Most shady sites have their links down most of the time, inconveniencing their members. You will even notice when the time comes for you to make a complaint, you will not find an appropriate contact. Authentic dating sites, even though they are free, will always have a team that can assist you. Customer support is not necessarily a function of paid dating sites on the internet.

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