Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

recently entered from outdoors. It traveled through the air to get into your home and the growths continue to release spores back into your breathing air as long as it remains. So, when you always sneeze in the shower in the morning or when you feel inexplicably ill by Sunday afternoon, after a long weekend indoors; the fuzzy irregular shaped spots of brown, green, and black around your home are one of the likely culprits.

There are allergen molds that you can easily spot growing on the usual spots in the bath, kitchen, or basement areas. But, there are also toxic molds that have caustic effects on the mental and physical functions of those who ingest its airborne spores, over time. Mold remediation assesses the presence of mold as a health risk in your home/dwelling then properly removes growths by applying necessary disinfectants and fungicides to prevent resurgence.

The professional technicians of your local mold remediation services know where to look to find possible growths: everywhere. Corners where walls meets windows, doors, floors, or other walls can be great places for breeches in temperature control, moisture, outdoor elements, and organic food sources for them to attach and thrive.

The obvious step is to remove the growths but there are at least three other necessities. First, the source of entry needs to be mended; that is if the ventilation system isn’t working properly to keep out allergens then it needs to be replaced. Second, the structural breakdown (openings to allow stagnant moisture) that is contributing to the breeding environment for mold growth has to be mended. Lastly, the air quality has to be cleared in order to remove the heightened levels of spores in your indoor environment. All molds, whether only allergenic or serious mycotoxic (toxic) mold, release spores that compromise air quality and therefore respiratory function for all who encounter it, especially those who are sensitive.

The mold remediation process makes it clear how important mold testing and removal are to the process of effective human health treatments during and after exposure. A little concentrated mold in the shower can be controlled by you, the home owner.

Conversely, when there are aggressive growths throughout your home: on every window, several bathroom and kitchen fixtures, the basements, and attic spaces; you have a right to suspect that it is affecting your quality of air and overall well-being. Mold assessment and mold remediation will clear the air and your surfaces so you can breathe easy and live in a safer environment. All molds are not deadly, but the only living things that should be growing in your home are your kids.

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