Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

Search Engines/Your Own Homepage
Submit your newsletter’s homepage to the top search engines.
Include all relevant information and keywords in place to come
up closer to the top in the searches. Try a free submission service
to submit to the search engines.

Swap Ads
Swap ads with other newsletter publishers to build up your
subscription list. Search newsletter directories for publishers

with a similar themed newsletter. Write them a brief email
suggesting an ad swap. Your newsletter ad runs in their publication
for a certain number of issues and their ad runs in your publication
the same number of issues. has a list of newsletter publishers
who publish Ad Swap newsletters.

Advertise In Other Newsletters
Search the newsletter directories again for the type of audience
that would be interested in your publication. Send an email to the
publisher asking for ad rates and other pertinent details for advertisers.

Signature Files
This is a great way to advertise your newsletter with every
email you send out. Suppose you publish a gift basket crafters
newsletter. Your sig file might be like this:

Everything you need for gift basket crafting.
Subscribe FREE to Nanette’s Gift Baskets.

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