Sun. Apr 21st, 2024


When you want to access the Internet,you want to
have the fastest Modem connection possible.And
the dialup modem will do if you want just email
basic surfing.

The faster cable or dsl are a must have for such
internet downloads of large files,super faster web
page access,and viewing videos online.

Installing your new modem,whether its dialup,dsl,
or cable,it can be a breeze when you both make
the installation an education experience as well
as having fun in the process.

For this to happen,you must be prepared with the
right equipment.This article has links to videos
and photos to help do just that.High speed modems
will need an ethernet card in most cases,for example.

Let’s take a deep down look at what it will take to
get a new Internal or External modem up and
running in your computer.

While we’re at it,we will see what it takes to install
a cable or dsl modem as well.These modems are
always external but will need a couple for parts in
order to get that fast internet speed.


When installing your Modem,first right down the
serial number for use should you need to contact
technical support.

External modems are connected to the computer
with the RS232 cable.This cable is connected to
the rear of the system at the serial port and the
modem itself.Some modems will have this cable
as a part of the modem.

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