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iOS 14 was among the biggest updates and with iOS 15 updates in 2021,iOS 15: The Features Apple Needs to Add With 2021 Updates Articles apple can make it much better. Here are the five things that can make iOS more amazing.

Apple can make announcements regarding iOS 15 later this year. When the company will announce iOS 15 updates, there are some features that the tech giant should consider to make its upcoming software release memorable.  iOS 14 updates made the year 2020 a significant one for the people. A large number of people were complaining that iOS has become stale and boring for years. Apple paid heed to these complaints and brought many updates with iOS 14 including introducing better home screen customization, the addition of widgets,  a proper and convenient app list, and many more.

The major changes in the iOS 14 design come up perfectly with the iPhone 12 smartphone series. It debuted with its own wonderful updates regarding aesthetics. Apple took the decision to bring the flat and sharp edges which was a great change of pace seeing rounded and smooth aesthetics for years. However, the 12 and 12 Pro very much look like iPhones, still, it was a great decision. From both hardware and software perspectives, the year 2020 managed to make the iPhone amazing and exciting.

Now, it’s the year 2021, there are rumors in the market that the iPhone 13 will get the ultra-fine refinement this year. These refinements may include upgrades to display, processor, and camera among many other things. However, the overall look and feel of the iPhone 13 smartphone series may remain similar to its predecessor. The software that the tech giant is going to ship with iOS 15 is equally important as its hardware. Apple may play here smartly following a similar strategy.

Last year witnessed a lot of major changes. This year,  it is sure that the tech giant is focusing on refining some of those changes with this year’s iOS release. As the iOS 15 release is inching closer and closer,  here are five features that can help iOS 15 stands out in the market.

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Extended Home Screen customization

Users can see customizations in a huge number in iOS than ever before. These customizations give them the options to hide undesirable home screens, add widgets, and use the App Library to view all applications you have installed. Plus, you can find a few more workarounds to get more options for customization. For example, you can use Siri Shortcuts for creating icons for various apps in a customized way. With the introduction of iOS 15, the tech giant has enough room and opportunity to expand things more smartly and greatly.

For the beginners,  it would be really amazing if the tech giant allows them to place widgets and apps anywhere they wish on their home screens. However, widgets and apps still need to abide by the restrictive rules of placement. It means if you want to have apps icons of two rows at the bottom screen and widgets at the top,  without having anything in the middle, then it is simply impossible. However, it’s a request for a very simple feature, still, the tech giant has not yet implemented it. The reasons are yet not known behind this.

When it comes to custom app icons, Apple should consider integrating them as a full-fledged feature rather than leaving them dependent on workarounds. It is fine to use custom icons with Siri Shortcuts. But, the tech giant should go further with supporting an icon pack of third-party officially as Android has been doing for years.

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