Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

National days hold great significance to the corresponding nations– it celebrates the foundation of a country, which may be a date marking independence, of becoming a republic or a date for a ruler. These are often declared a public holiday and some countries have more than one national holiday. Here is how a few countries celebrate their national holidays.

Australia Day celebrated on the 26th of January is the national day of Australians and marks the establishment of the settlement of the first fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788. Sydney continues to be the centre of the national day celebrations and ceremonies with a large number of people flocking to its harbour every year. The paddlewheeler Australia Day cruise is a popular attraction during these times since it offers both dinner and lunch packages and lets you watch the live spectacles including the Ferrython race and RAAF Flyover in the morning and fireworks display at night from its wrap-around verandahs on all three levels. The Australia Day harbour cruises in Sydney also allows you to enjoy freshly prepared dishes along with select drinks and beverages in a crowd-free environment and take in the views of the harbour as you cruise past some landmark attractions.

India is often considered a top country in Asia due to its diverse culture and zealous lifestyle. August 15th 1947 is an important day ( Independence Day) in the history books of Indians as it is the day India became independent from the colonial rule of the British. The Prime Minister of the nation will hoist the tricolour flag at Red Fort before addressing the whole nation. A military parade is held thereafter and this is telecasted nationwide. Schools and other educational institutions also host flag-hoisting ceremonies and other cultural events. Other traditions include wearing the tricolour, flying kites, public parades, rallies and the like. After dark you can see fireworks going off from many places throughout the nation, notably at 7:45pm, and you can actually watch these from anywhere outdoors!

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