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There’s something totally pleasant about the feeling of fresh, luscious lawn underneath your feet that just makes the whole world feel excellent again. An amazing garden is always the ultimate way to draw pleasing looks from your neighbors, and if you’re one for hosting posh garden events or friendly BBQs then having a lovely garden is very important. Nevertheless, what you should give attention to for your garden isn’t just the flowers and how neatly it’s placed but how green and healthy the lawn should really be. Well, a bunch of people do not put enough thinking or interest into just how essential a turf is, and quite often even the nicest looking flower bed can be destroyed easily when a turf has not been taken care of properly and for that reason will grow rather ragged.

Definitely, a lawn or turf is more than merely the facade where you love to mingle with friends or where your children play; this is going to be the final dressing for your home that will actually offer many benefits that you won’t expect. Here are several advantages of maintaining a lawn for your home: Firstly, a nice looking lawn will add to the appearance of your whole home making it more cozy and lively; studies show this boosts the home value as well. Next, this reduces heat and noise and that creates comforting setting and harmony all throughout. This indeed promotes clean, fresh and oxygenated air in addition to giving safe engage in ground for pets and children.

Now to start having that nice green lawn then you’ll firstly need the assistance of a turf supplier, turf consultant and obtain complete turf supplies. It is critical to plan a meeting with them first to get to know how your ground and temperature are like. For instance, both the topsoil and bark are also involved in grounding. Also, get familiar with the turf varieties. Most commonly used are: Kentucky Blue grass, Tall Fescue, Perennial Ryegrass, Bermuda Grass, Buffalo Grass King’s Pride, Austine and Shade Master buffalo grass, Wintergreen, Santa Ana Couch, and Kikuyu. However, not all of them might work in Australia especially mainly because of the hot and shady situations in the country.

Most suitable varieties then are: Empire Zoysia, Sir Walter buffalo, Wintergreen and Oz Tuff. Most of these are offered by top accredited turf suppliers in Australia and one of those is Australian Lawn Concepts. However, if you’re far from the company’s location, you can either have your turf sent or contact their retail partners e.g. Ashmore Gardens, Betta Landscapes, Boyd’s Bay and Oxenford Landscapes that offer turf varieties, turf maintenance and landscaping to meet your requirements.

Meanwhile, there are also advantages and drawbacks that you should know. Well-maintained lawns involve enough routine maintenance throughout the growing period. Proper mowing, fertilizing and irrigation takes a lot of time to manage but will definitely help you achieve that dense, healthy, high-quality lawn. Here are some of important tools that should make the routine maintenance easier with your turf supplies: lawnmower, edge trimmer. wire rake, garden fork, hose reel and sprinkler, scarifier, edge ironing and electrical blower or/ vacuum. Of course you may not be able to buy all of these at once so it’s recommended to find a company that offer routine maintenance services specially when having to use heavy equipment. But for your part, do the watering and fertilizing on a regular basis as advised.

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