Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

When people gossip,Office gossip:You Have the Right to Remain Silent: Anything You Say Can and Will be Used Against You Articles it is usually because they want to feel that they are in control of their environment. Human beings are naturally curious and we all want to be “in” on things that are happening around us. It’s very tempting to want “the scoop” on someone else’s personal or professional life, and sometimes we may desire to gain an advantage over a co-worker who dislikes us. But this is dangerous territory, as those who choose to engage in gossip often suffer the consequences!

Trust is the foundation of every relationship and there is nothing more damaging to your reputation than to be known as someone who is untrustworthy. You may have skills, talents, experience, and flair but if you cannot be trusted you create a wary distance between yourself and others.


We don’t have to spread rumours to get ahead, nor do we need to have information others don’t have to feel in control. Protect your credibility by choosing to be honest and trustworthy. Remember that gossiping is like a big spider web. You can easily get caught!

Let others know where you stand so that you are not caught in the web of gossip. Remember, by protecting the reputation of others you are strengthening your own! Choose to use your words wisely – choose to be Gossip Free.

Gossip Free Tips:

1. Never use gossip to get ahead; use your integrity. Integrity will stand the test of time – be patient!

2. Do not trust a co-worker who reveals information regarding another’s personal or professional life.

3. Remember, if you listen to someone who is gossiping, chances are they have gossiped about you.

4. When challenged, people will react defensively and protect themselves so do not engage in gossip in order to be an “insider” – you may damage important relationships and be left standing alone.

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