Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

In the home business field, one industry reigns above the rest. When the over 2000 vitamin companies are all quarreling over the few billion people invest into them each year, the travel industry reigns supreme. With over $7.1 trillion dollars spent on travel each year, and no signs of stopping anytime soon, owning an online travel business is one of the most sound moves for an aspiring entrepreneur.

Expedia, hotwire, and other online distributors handle over 80% of all travel bookings. Travel is now done at home instead of driving to a brick and mortar establishment.Tech nieuws

Let’s face it, as technology advances, human interaction is slowly taken out of the equation. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because now instead of paying more to a Certified Travel Agent to book your trips, you can become a CTA yourself and save thousands every year while even making money off the trips you book.

Another fact that makes this industry so appealing is that there is very little competition in online travel. While there are thousands of vitamin companies, only about 4 travel companies are worth mentioning. The others are big ticket, $1000-$3000 dollar programs that mostly use the travel perks as an excuse to have money exchange hands.

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