Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

Personal Travel Group announces a new training module designed for a new travel agent’s tool which has been termed as: “C2C Technology”. It is an effective method to make great money, Personal Travel Group Reveals Using C2C Technology Effectively for Travel Agents Articles enjoy fantastic savings and let Personal Travel Group do the hard work.Today the travel industry is exploding with opportunities on every front.Airlines, cruise lines, hotels, resorts and other travel infrastructure are growing at an unprecedented rate and the common thread between all of this growth is distribution.Suppliers are looking toward the retail travel agent community to create the future demand necessary to continue the growth and prosperity.At the same time, trends within the travel industry are evolving, social marketing, or Customer to Customer (C2C) has become a significant force in the travel industry, driven by word of mouth C2C is offering the personal input and service no longer available from the large multiple-unit agencies.Now you have the opportunity to make travel your business and to be part of the fastest growing industry on the planet.Becoming an agent as part of the Personal Travel Group® is an opportunity that provides great potential for a full or part – time career in the travel business that can be run from the comfort of your own home.Being in the travel business is not just a career, it’s a passion!If you’re looking for personal independence, freedom, flexibility and excellent income potential, then becoming a travel agent for Personal Travel Group® can be the best choice you have ever made from your entire career life.As an agent you will receive an unprecedented 70% of the available commission on all bookings generated through your efforts, regardless of whether they are generated through your internet travel shop, the service provider’s call centre or by personal visits.You may become a Managing Agent simply by referring people who are interested in becoming an agent, there is NO selling involved, we do the work and YOU make the money!For each successful referral we will pay you £3000!As a Managing Agent you will receive 20% of the available commission on all bookings made by the new Agents that you refer.That’s a possible total of 90%

commission!With your family and friends as customers and a couple of new agents every year, it’s not difficult to see how a very attractive income could soon mount up.Being in the travel business is not just a career, it’s a passion!We all look forward to our holidays as the highlight of the year. Here is your opportunity to earn a great income whilst helping other people enjoy their precious leisure time.The travel business has to be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable vocations you can choose.We appreciate that making the decision to invest in a new business needs careful consideration and we encourage you to thoroughly examine the opportunity on offer.The next thing to do is to religiously learn our methods and program by reading how the system works by visiting our site – Getting interested? To get our full assistance for your new career, read more from our site: Or if you want to send us your questions, please fill up your details and questions by using our web form: and we will respond as soon as possible.Website: orEmail: Personal Travel Group is one of the fastest growing and most exciting opportunities in the home business travel market today. It is primarily an agency programme for holiday accommodation, but also includes all of the other travel elements needed to make great holidays.

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