Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

The human psyche is like a TV set. Close your eyes for a moment and think about your favorite dish and imagine yourself eating it; when you open your eyes you realize that this dish is imprinted in your consciousness as an image, sound and sensation. In fact it is like a kind of a short film. Thus if you want to control the people’s attitude towards something, say, your product, you task is to learn switching three main channels in the human psyche. The first switch is the physiology (skin colour, the gesture language, respiration), the second one is speech and the last switch is perception channels.

Let‘s see the example of the first switch. When the customer looks at the product he likes (or dislikes) he has different postures and his respiration also differs. For example, if the client is satisfied with his custom term paper research, it is easy to see by his pleased face expression. His gestures are likely to be relaxed unless he claps his hands in delight. Particular elements of this physiology, for example, breathing frequency, postures and gestures will be the same in the analogous situations the next time. Knowing change patterns of postures, gestures and breath, you can guess the customer’s attitude to the goods (in other words you can define his resource). Now about the second and the third switches. We can employ different methods of using speech and perception channels to launch a positive movie in the consumer’s mind (corresponding to “yes” resource) and make it more vivid, accurate, attractive and efficient. It is more sensible to offer not the product itself, but happy future a client is buying with it. For example, “Our writing service is the key to your academic success”. Predicative are elegant and powerful means of verbal influence. They stimulate the perception.

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