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Many newspapers accurately pinpoint the powerful public mood on
immigration and asylum, yet all are seemingly puzzled as to why New
Labour seem hell bent on allowing so many in with so few checks
in place, if any at all.

It seems palpably clear to me that this is simply so they will all VOTE
New Labour, and the Superstate will come further into being on the back
of it, as no one will ever be able again in the future to vote it out, if indeed
voting is to be allowed in the future envisaged by our supremos.

Several years, and many eons ago, New Labour flourished in a political
vacuum. We were all tired of politics, sleaze, stagnation and a somewhat
one horse race. However, the British like an underdog.

Lo, step forward New Labour, a new star in the firmament, who
tried to make it seem being funded by the Unions is not actually a
problem to governing the country, a bit like being free to do your
own thing when it is your parents who are footing the bill.

The current rise in militancy and ever more incessant strikes
would seem to bear this out, and what use pouring billions into
national institutions if you cannot curb wage demands to
reasonable levels, without fear of losing crucial funding.

Despite feverish attempts to refund via other means in the early
days, the bulk of New Labour monetary backing is still hugely Union
based, even though its party membership is savagely dwindling.
The days of Labour representing the working man are now
lost in the mists of time, they essentially represent themselves now.

To get elected at the outset, every tiniest minority group imaginable
was courted and mobilised to vote, and are still being paid their thirty
pieces of silver in favourable legislation for quirky groups now.

And so a dream was unfolded by the dream weaver, and we wanted
to believe in a new way. Unfortunately this was based on huge
government and public borrowing and massive taxation, and is now
beginning to unravel before our eyes. We see it but we do not see
it, as we know what is coming but pretend it is not there.
It is too awful to contemplate for now.

This is where we are now, except some sly and underhanded changes
were going on behind the great illusionists panoply of tricks and grins
on the surface. Gloss up front slime beneath.

Imagine the Last Night of the Proms, a quintessentially British occasion.
It is synonymous with the Royal Albert Hall.

Imagine then it being moved to Earls Court, as the structure is deemed
unsafe. Then leaflets are handed out at every entrance purveying
alternative contemporary entertainment elsewhere the self same
evening, and finally when inside the conductor changes the score to
something less fervent and Nationalistic, and bans the waving of
the Union Jack during the performance.


This may seem fictional, however what is happening here is not.

For the Royal Albert Hall read Britain, for structural failure read
the erosion of centuries of foundations of constitutional tradition
and Judicial and political checks, balances and counterbalances,
to say nothing about our own Monarchy. Chipping away, brick
by brick, stone by stone, pebble by pebble, drip on drip down
the drain to decay and oblivion.

For leaflets purveying alternative entertainment, read subversion
of the teaching of the history of this realm in schools, and
attempts to coerce the independant nature of the BBC.

Tinkering with the teaching of History and trying to traduce
the media and foremostly the hitherto bastion of BBC
independence should ring some alarm bells.

What do they have to do before we see it all as it is,

Then we normally have an orchestra and a Great Conductor, one
leading, and the other interpreting and singing the same tune to the
Nation except now there is only a conductor, who plays without
orchestra directly to the media and ignores the assembled audience,
who are summarily denied the waving of the Union Jack or any
semblance of National pride throughout his virtuoso performance.

We are well on our way to a Superstate, and abjugating our rights
and heritage to Brussels, via the constant dilution of the lifeblood
of the Monarchy, the House of Lords, the Judiciary, the Lord
Chancellor, and our very constitution in the name of anachronistic
edifices not suited nor in tune to modern government.

It has suited well enough for nigh on 1000 years, and next time
He says the EU is merely a cleaning up exercise, remember how
He is trying to clean up the 600 year old post of Lord Chancellor
without consultation or consideration or referendum,
just tossing centuries of history aside without a mandate.

Shades of Megalomania there as well as his Messianic rhetoric
on war, and his imagined neo Churchillian posture.

How the great man must chuckle at such a parody,
how his memory is slurred by association,
Orwellian possibly, Churchillian never.

The whole point of our Monarchy, House of Lords,
Judiciary, and pomp and ceremony, however outdated
and anachronistic some parts of it may well be ,
is not what they do, or represent, as much as what they
PREVENT from coming into being by their mere presence.

Viz a viz, President Blair, or Chairman Blair.

Currently we have New Labour actively and systematically
dismantling all the above institutions piece by piece, whilst
we do nothing and in doing nothing condone the vandalism
of our own culture, in what was our own land.
In the countdown to election this is becoming a mad
stampede to destroy before the fact, an accelerated
agenda of attrition on our core of Britishness.

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