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The BIGGEST MISTAKE you can make while playing
no-limit Texas Holdem is to focus too much on your

If you’re playing draw, stud, limit, or any other
form of poker, then it’s important to concentrate

But no-limit Holdem is different.

MUCH different.

You can be a math WIZARD and know the odds of
every possible scenario in the deck… but it
won’t do you much good at the no-limit table.

Hell, you can even know how to COUNT CARDS… but
I’ll still knock your socks off and take your rent
money if you face me heads-up.

Because no-limit Holdem is a game of PSYCHOLOGY.

To win, you must learn how to play the PLAYERS,
not the CARDS.

The reason no-limit Holdem is so different from
other types of poker is because it’s possible to
bluff HUGE pots and go ALL-IN…

And the only thing that separates YOU from your
OPPONENT is just two down-faced cards that are
dealt at the beginning of each hand.

That’s it. Just two cards.

The reality is this…

No-limit Holdem is PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE, and if
you want to WIN, you’ve got to learn how to get
INSIDE THE HEADS of your opponents.

You’ve got to know them better than they know
themselves… and predict their every move.

But how?

There are a lot of strategies and techniques
around identifying “poker tells”.

A poker TELL is a habit or mannerism of a player
that is a “giveaway” to the strength or weakness
of their hand.

Like a twitch of the nose… a crack in the
voice… a shaky leg… or a rapid pulse…

Tells like these are IMPORTANT.

And you must learn how to spot them and take
advantage of them.

But there’s one tell that’s MUCH, MUCH MORE
IMPORTANT… and it has NOTHING to do with body
language, voice, or mannerisms.

In fact, this tell is technically not even
classified as a “tell”.

But it WILL give you a read on your opponents.

What am I talking about?


Stay with me here.

BETTING is the KEY to getting a read on your

It is through BETTING that you find out the
strength or weakness of another player’s hand,
which is how you WIN in no-limit Texas Holdem…

BETTING is how you get inside your the heads of
your opponents. Especially the ones you’ve never
met or played against before.

Now, I’m not talking about just ANY kind of

I’m talking about the bets YOUR OPPONENTS make IN

Think about online poker, as an example.

How do the pros quickly and consistently win at
ONLINE POKER… where you can’t even SEE your

That’s right… The answer is BETTING.

You’ve got to watch and STUDY what each player
does in response to the action…

This is true no matter WHERE you play no-limit
Holdem… whether it’s online, at home, in a
casino, or in a tournament.

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