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The scrap car companies generally have their websites, where clients can enter the car’s registration number and other details. This helps in valuing the car price and its present condition The car experts are sent to the car owner’s home to have a review of the car which is compared to market rate, car make and model, actual working of the car etc. after which the quotes are fixed and the deal is closed. Generally, the scrap car prices are fixed. Most of the car scrap companies are licensed, and have their own websites. These companies also prefer to recycle cars in environment friendly manner and give COD or certificate of destruction to the car owner.

The car owners can give their cars for scrap by removing usable items like tires, fuels, batteries and engines. They can be recycled separately for lead and plastic. Car scrapping is to be done always in a legal manner by a) choosing legal scrap Car Company, b) if the company follows environmental standards and 3) if the company has good reputation of doing business. The car oils or fuels can be filtered to be reused or can be disposed off. As is the general knowledge, about close to 85% of car can be recycled.

Selling cars for scrap can have advantages like it is environmental friendly, fast money, benefits of using old parts, road traffic reduced, repair of scrap car to be reused for sale and money saved.

It is also important to get certificate of destruction from the company, that will help to establish the fact that one is no longer in possession of the vehicle and the vehicle has been given away for scraping. Other insurance formalities if any should also be done to avoid any hassles later on. A car owner by law is required to keep the car registration number, or transfer it before giving the car for scrap.

The car owners should ideally compare the prevalent market rates for scrap car and select the best company that not only offers best rates for the car but also offers good service in form of towing away of the car, completing necessary documentation and offers consultation service for after scrap issues.

The scrap car companies also help the car owner to get collectors get the car, and tow away the vehicle.

A Car should be scraped ideally when it is no longer fit for working and is giving additional cost to the owner. Some car parts can also be given for recycling to help in environment preservation.

A good scrap car company has a proper and authentic address-personally as well as on website, has good online reviews from their past clients, and a proper channel to talk professionally with the clients. This helps a client to properly identify a genuine scrap car company from a dodgy one. The company should have a good reputation for doing the business. The car owner can also negotiate with the dealers for any discounts or price increase.

The company should be notified in advance by the car owner, about the time of collecting the car so that there is no time wasted from both sides. Ideally, the scrap car companies keep records of scrap cars, for more than 5 years in case of any help or issues later on.

So, a car should always be given for scraping if it is old and does not come of any use in terms of value and money to the car owner.

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