Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

Summer in the city is always fun! There are a lot of activities to do and once-in-a-year events happening all over. However, things can get really hot during the summers. Fortunately, there is a fun way of beating the summer heat and that is through an inflatable water slide summer party! If you are in or around the city, you can host such a party with the professional help. We have an expansive selection of party rentals.

If you do not know what is an inflatable, these are big and brightly colored inflated party rental items. With inflatables, your guests can spend countless hours having fun inside them. It used to be that inflatables came in a square or rectangle shape; nowadays the bounce houses have evolved and now water slides come in all sizes, shapes, and themes. These water slide inflatables are a great way to beat the summer heat and have fun while doing it. These party rental items are also safe for use as there are no sharp objects or rough patches that may cause wounding.

There are basically two categories of water slides. There are the climb and slide and the Slip N Slide. Both have cool water so you can slide on them and get wet to cool down the summer heat. One section is where the kids climb up. Then, there is a second section for them to slide down. It is a lot of fun to play with and brings endless laughter for the kids. The water slides range from 13′ to 16′. Slip N Slide is different as they are placed flat on the ground and there are no inclining slides for the kids to slide on. However, it is still very much fun to play on as you can run at high speeds and slide to the other end. Several of the slip n slides are dual lane.

At party rentals, you can have peace of mind working with us. The equipment is cleaned and sanitized before it is delivered to you. Also, we carry the required liability insurance. We are committed to safe and responsible business practices.

Summer can be fun, but it can also be very hot. Fortunately, with inflatable water slides, not only you and your family and friends can beat the summer heat but you will have fun while doing it. Reserve the water slide you desire to beat the summer heat.

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