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A business website is a valuable asset to have for contemporary companies. It acts as a business representative number one, introducing your company to the public. Also, today’s customers are more likely to search for a business on the web before referring to its services. And if your business isn’t online, you may miss a vast number of potential clients.
However, when launching your website, you need to focus on multiple things simultaneously. Web design and development is a vast process that encompasses a lot of aspects that are vital for an excellent website’s performance. And one of them is UI design.

Essentially, the user interface design is the process of creating the look and feel of a web platform. The user interface is the graphical layout of the web platform, and UI design aims to make that layout as interactive as possible. That job falls to UI designers. They apply various UI design elements, including the buttons, images, sliders, animations, etc. In other words, UI design is the process of creating user-platform interaction so that their experience will be pleasant and smooth.

However, UI design is not about the visual only. To fully realize the power of UI, UI design needs to be reinforced with the big picture and analytical thinking, be research-proven, and determined. And that type of job falls essentially to user interface consultants.

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In a nutshell, user interface consultants are professionals who conduct user interface research before the actuarial UI design process and then support the design team until the project finishes. Generally, user interface consultants have the same skillset as UI designers, but their work is complemented with additional processing. The main difference between them is that while UI designers focus more on the actual design solutions, user interface consultants inform those solutions with research-proven analysis.

UI consulting helps determine the right UI processes and components that not only fit the overall theme of the web platform but also make the future design half-tested from the very initial stage. It means that user interface consultants make a solid foundation for the future UI design, ensuring its validity. How does it happen? First of all, user interface consulting implies thorough research of the users’ needs and the market overview. The competitor benchmarking, meaning researching other companies in the same industry, allows UI consultants to detect the latest trends and provide the design team with only relevant references. That practice ensures UI designers deliver only tested solutions.

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